Parsons Gray :: Interior Design Studio :: Cambridge
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Good interior design is thoughtful, layered and collaborative. I have a life-long love of colour, texture and beautiful things, and I thrive on thoughtful simplicity.



My name is Nicola – it’s great to see you here!

I believe that where you live matters: your home needs to work properly, to feel effortless, and to be rooted in your values. Designing spaces that make the people who inhabit them feel good, and that will endure for more than a season or two, is about much more than making somewhere look pretty; it is a thoughtful, layered and collaborative process. Your home is not just an asset; it’s where you spend your life.

My degree in History of Art & Architecture, further studies at KLC School of Design and Chelsea College of Arts, and a career working on high-end interior design magazines provided me with a generous schooling in colour, context, space and proportion. My love of Scandinavian design and beautifully crafted things combined with a distinctly English sensibility for colour imbues each of my projects with a feeling of pared-back, comfortable elegance.

I launched my interior design studio in Cambridge in order to focus on designing spaces that deliver value and calm to my clients’ lives. Using my design expertise and creative judgement, I work with a limited number of clients at a time, helping them to create the best version of their home.