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Live simple: Christmas gift guide 2017


So many gift guides, so little time, right? Well, this one isn't about making you buy more things, but rather considering what you give. I've put together 12 lovely things – coffee, chocolate, candles, cosy knits and the prettiest firelighters I've ever come across – from which I think you could choose something for pretty much anyone on your list, whether it's a parent, a sibling, an aunt, a close friend or your child's school teacher. All of these things are made either to last and be cherished or to be enjoyed immediately which, personally, I think makes the ideal Christmas present. The other plus is that all these things support small business owners and makers – and really, what's not to love about that?

Oh, and you'll notice that there's nothing on here for children; I don't know about you, but nothing on my children's Christmas lists is remotely photogenic... What I do think is a good idea is helping your children to go through their toys and books and re-gift anything to charity (or the school Christmas toy sale) that they no longer use. It encourages them to think of others at a time of year when they are conditioned to want things for themselves, as well as being a very effective way of culling the toy cupboard!

From top (left to right):

Hand-carved coffee scoop (available in walnut or sweet chestnut), £49, The Future Kept

Ceramic jar with olive wood lid (d. 15cm), £40, Oggetto

'Collar' coffee grinder, by Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri for Stelton, £67.95, at Oggetto

Teak, clove & cardomom candle, £18, Fellowstead

Natural pine cone firelighters, £14 for six, Aerende

'Avery' prosecco glasses, £38 for a set of four, Rowen & Wren

Chocolate subscription, from £20, Pump Street Bakery

Handleless Ceramic Jug, Cream, £24, Aerende

Brass dish candle holder (d.14.5cm), £23, Ingredients LDN

Pair of grey / white espresso cups, £50, AR Ceramics

‘Horizon’ Scottish lambswool throw (180x98cm), £179, Jules Hogan

Cinnamon & clove candle, £32, Plum & Ashby