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Live creative: an introduction to #simpleauthenticbeautiful


I’ll be honest, apart from a short course in business management specific to the interior design industry, I have no business know-how whatsoever. All the systems that I now have in place to run my business – after four years of building it slowly and carefully – have been created by me to best support how I work and how I can best interact with my clients.

When I was re-branding last year, I used Fiona Humberstone’s brilliant book, ‘How to Style Your Brand’ to get me started; and one of the first things I did was create a shortlist of words that resonated with how I wanted my business to look and feel. The three that rose to the top again and again were Simple. Authentic. Beautiful. These words encapsulate everything that I want my business to be – from the overall aesthetic to the transparency of my work practices.

With this in mind, I decided to create a new Instagram hashtag – #simpleauthenticbeautiful – to represent the kind of warm, minimal lifestyle and interiors vibe that I love, with simple, beautiful details, and subtle, muted colour – and now, with January behind us and the first hints of spring slowly seeping in, the time feels right to share it with you and encourage you to get involved!


Like all the best hashtags (I hope – ha ha), this one aims to draw from a deliberately broad base. As long as it encapsulates those three words, I encourage you to post whatever makes your heart glad: architecture, beautiful rooms and spaces, still lifes, flowers, landscapes, nature details, whatever. It could be a quiet moment in your day, a favourite pocket of simplicity in your home, a simple textile print, your creative practise, the flowers that have brightened your week, your morning coffee, anything that speaks beautifully, authentically of your daily life and experiences.


Whatever you choose to share, I’d love to see how you interpret these words and how we can all be uplifted by the beautiful, everyday moments that occur in our own lives and those of others. At the moment, there are just a handful of images, but I can’t wait to welcome you.