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New mood, new blog – or why it was finally time to start writing


For the past few years, I’ve wanted to start my own blog. Properly; not just dipping a toe in here and there.

Writing has always been my thing – as an introvert, I’m certainly far better on the page than when communicating face to face. I would see other people set up their own blogs and think, “Why not?” And then the introvert in me would think, “Because then people will read it, and they’ll think you’re silly, presumptuous, uninteresting.”

And this is the silly part: I’ve always felt anxious about what people who actually know me would think if they read it. Both my friends and also the… not so friendly people. Stupid, yes?

In short, I worried that I didn’t have anything to say that people would want to read. I live in Cambridge – a beautiful but fairly small city where not very much happens; I have two small children, but I certainly don’t want to write about that; and, since I prefer to fly under the radar, how does my introversion square with putting my words out there for all to see?

The truth is, I need an outlet for my words – or at least some of them. I have some many thoughts and ideas spinning round my head each day about the sheer potential of what I do – and, more specifically, about the possibilities that design holds for our peace of mind and wellbeing – and I just need somewhere to put all those thoughts, conversations and passions.

The other thing is, I want to know you better and I want to add value to your everyday.

And so, I’ve spent the past few months dipping in and out of ideas – honing my thoughts for what this blog should be about. I’m an interior designer so obviously there will be design and interiors, but that isn’t the limit of my interests. I’m not trend-led in my work – I tend to take in ideas and design direction by osmosis or simple feeling rather than by genning up on whatever is ‘in’ at any given time – and so I could never write fluently about trends, but I have a lot to say about tuning into how home makes you feel.

So what, then? Well, here’s a little taster of what you can expect…

  • my thoughts on warmly minimal and feeling-oriented interiors – because, quite simply, those are the things that light me up in my creative work: the idea of home being a place of nurture and respite
  • advice on decluttering and living with less (because those things are as natural to me as breathing air)
  • my thoughts on creativity – both its opportunities and limitations
  • focus articles on designers and creatives whose work I admire

I know your life is busy; I know there are a thousand calls on your time. This journal is designed with that in mind – as a quiet, inspirational space where you can stop awhile and take the time to slow down and recharge. Home is as much about how things feel as how they look: let’s explore the possibilities.

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